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Woodland Publishing is proud to feature credentialed authors who are experts on a variety of health topics. For the Woodland Health Series, our authors research the latest information on health and wellness topics and summarize their findings in an easy-to-read format. The following is brief biographical information about a few of our authors:

Barbara Wexler, MPH
Barbara Wexler is a medical writer and chronic disease epidemiologist who brings more than 25 years of experience as a clinician, researcher, educator and administrator to the articles and texts she prepares for professional and consumer audiences. A graduate Sarah Lawrence College and the Yale University College of Medicine, School of Epidemiology and Public Health, Wexler is interested in evidence-based complementary and integrative medicine. Barbara has written more than a dozen titles for Woodland, including AntioxidantsChocolateCinnamonCoconut OilCoenzyme Q10GingerNatural Guide to Gluten IntoleranceNatural Guide to Relieving Headache PainA Good Night's Sleep: Simple, Effective Ways to Overcome Insomnia and Reducing Stress.

Debbie Neumayer
Debbie Neumayer is an accomplished medical journalist and health book author who researches and writes about science, nutrition, and natural medicine. She specializes in transcribing advanced-level clinical information into language the average consumer will understand and enjoy reading. For two decades, Debbie served as a corporate copywriter for major players in the natural products industry, including Nature’s Way and Enrich International (now part of Unicity), and in 2007 she became a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. She has authored many Woodland titles through the years, including Honey: Nature’s Sweetest Benefits and Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral Most of Us are Missing.

Debbie can be reached through her website, http://www.debbieneumayer.com/.

Diana Allen, MS, CNS
Diana Allen, MS, CNS, is a health writer and holistic clinical nutritionist in private practice in Montague, Massachusetts, where she specializes in food sensitivities, detoxification, traditional whole food diets and raw/living food nutrition. Diana is the author of numerous brochures and fact sheets for the Pioneer Health Education Library, several articles and the book Teri Kerr's Ultimate Detox Diet (with Teri Kerr), published in 2005. To contact Diana, please visit her blog at http://eat2evolve.blogspot.com. Diana is author of the Woodland Health Series titles Healthy & Natural Sweeteners and Chia Seed.

Jane Semple, MA, ND
Dr. Jane Semple has been an herbalist and naturopathic practitioner for 20 years. She received her master's degree from Case Western Reserve, graduating first in her class in 1984. She completed a dual Doctorate in Naturopathy and Naturopathic Ministry from Trinity College of Natural Health. Dr. Semple founded the Alternative Healing Institute to bring training for alternative therapies to individuals and medical professionals. She develops and teaches continuing education courses for those in the medical field. Dr. Semple is an active member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the Association of Nutritional Consultants, American Botanical Council and Coalition for Natural Health. She has authored several Woodland titles, including Alzheimer DiseaseBlood PressureCholesterol & InflammationFertility, HPV and Cervical Dysplasia, and Doctor’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Dr. Semple can be reached through her website, drjanesemple.mynsp.com.

Jeremy Appleton, ND CNS
Jeremy Appleton, ND, CNS, is a licensed naturopathic physician and certified nutrition specialist. Dr. Appleton has been a recognized holistic healthcare practitioner, writer and educator since 1995, working to advance the quality and acceptance of evidence-based natural medicine. Dr. Appleton has been on faculty of Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences and at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), where he was chair of the nutrition department and taught as an adjunct professor for five years. He has published hundreds of articles on topics in integrative medicine in peer-reviewed journals, trade journals and newswires. Dr. Appleton has authored the Woodland titles Açaí Berry,  and Insomnia.

Louise Tenney, MH
Louise Tenney has dedicated much of her life to the pursuit of natural approaches to health. Louise has enjoyed immense success as an author, having sold well over a million books. Louise attended Portland State University, where she studied applied chemistry and biology, and earned her master herbalist degree in 1986. She is the author of more than two dozen books and booklets, including Woodland bestsellers Today's Herbal Health and The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

Matilde Parente, MD
Matilde Parente, MD, is a physician, medical safety consultant and educator who is board certified in holistic medicine and pathology. She is a graduate of Duke University and the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Parente has addressed community groups and health professionals about a wide range of topics related to health, nutrition, fitness and integrative medicine. The Palm Springs, California, resident is a wellness enthusiast who enjoys bicycling, exploring the outdoors and culinary adventures. Dr. Parente is the author of the Woodland Health Series title Resveratrol.

Rhonda PallasDowney
Rhonda PallasDowney, founder of Living Flower Essences, is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy, where she is a fellow and tutor. As an herbalist, Rhonda teaches herbal studies, plant life and healing journeys in nature. Rhonda is the author of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Flower Essences, and The Healing Power of Flowers.

Robert O. Young, PhD, DSc & Shelley Redford Young, LMT
Robert O. Young, PhD, DSc (in microbiology and nutrition), has devoted his life to helping people rebalance their health and well-being. Dr. Young has gained national recognition for this research into diabetes, cancer, leukemia and AIDS. He is a member of the American Society of Microbiologists and the American Naturopathic Association.

Shelley Redford Young, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist with a passionate interest in optimum nutrition. With Dr. Young, she speaks to audiences around the world on the basic requirements of a healthful diet, sharing her delicious, alkalizing vegetarian recipes.

Shelley Young is author of Massage Therapy.

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